Friday, January 25, 2013

Chocolate magic-tease him gently

Men are like chocolate, not less, than women, they just embarrassed to admit it. Invite your loved one to "eat chocolate that you can cook your own-and you will see you will get checks continuity. Lips and your hands will smell sweet like chocolate, not just physical passion, but also tenderness, caress, confidence-all of the things we associate with love.
Chocolate truffles

10 steps to a culinary orgasm

You will need 40 Brown ...

Brown: 200 ml 35% cream; chocolate 300 g chocolate (70% or better).

Layers: 250 g of white chocolate and cocoa powder 50 g of high quality without the sugar.


1. fill in the banikine with cream and heat slowly to boiling point, but do not let boil. Remove from the stove and leave it for 5 minutes.

2. While the cream is cooled, break the chocolate into pieces and chocolate in a bowl. If you want, you can add the juice 3 tablespoons juice, table or cognac Brown. Pour the hot chocolate with cream.

3. mix the contents with a fork to get homogenous mass. It is very important not only whip the chocolate, then you will not be able to cook the truffles. Let cool a bit, but still the Medley to be liquid.

4. take a wooden spoon and blocks until it becomes warm pound lighter.

5. cover the plate with wooden baking pan. Olive oil with paper or a brown butter to prevent sticking. Then put a block of chocolate on paper in a small group of about 1 cm in diameter using the TSP-moistened with water.

6. put the chocolate in the refrigerator to harden.

7. stir in the white chocolate broken into pieces in a heatproof Bowl. Place this Bowl in a banikine with water, it will not touch on down the road. Place on stove for small-no need to boil water! Wait, stirring slowly, until the chocolate is melted.

8. pour the cocoa powder in a Cup.

9. take the chocolate from refrigerator. Place all chocolate is hardened at a crossroads, and drowning in hot white chocolate. If it is cold enough, a layer of cold directly to Brown, and keep the softness overseas.

10. chocolate roll in cocoa powder, and placed on the plate again. Put in the fridge. Keep actually harden in freezer box truffles.
Attention! Don't serve up truffles or chocolate out of the fridge-it will be interesting. The sweets have to warm up to room temperature at least 30 minutes.

Freedom for your creative work

You can add 4 tablespoons of shelled hazelnuts desk, almonds, Prunes and Dried apricots warm chocolate blocks rather than alcohol.

Do you want something sour? Danger face 2 ran to crush (not ground) black pepper, a pinch of red pepper tart chocolate blocks.
Table 3-4 tablespoons of fruit-drops stuck to small molecules will add unusual taste for chocolate.

You'll receive sensitivity strange at all, if you add the hazelnut caramel into truffles and half chilled a Medley.

If you melt the chocolate with the same quantity of paint instead of white, add 5 tablespoons of crushed hazelnut or walnut table and sink the candy in it, you will receive a Brown Hedgehog.

In the past, in an effort to beat white chocolate covered truffles in hazelnut caramel instead of cocoa powder.

Our tips

You need to buy high-quality chocolate melts, containing not less than 55 per cent cocoa. You will receive a taste of milk chocolate, if you add more cream mixture, 1 tablespoon butter table will add smoothness to fill.

Should not be melted chocolate flames, as they will be burned.

Should be removed from the pottery, which I want to go dry, melt the chocolate. The water should not come during cooking chocolate, otherwise you will kordli chocolate and be clumpy and heterogeneous.

If you want to increase Your sensitivity to the magic of love, candy with a RADIUS-enabled them to absorb more energy in your personal as they can.
Women eat chocolate I feel joy, and men – to extend it.

Why do you need to cook the chocolate itself

Because when we cook for other people, we get through our feelings too. If you think positively, I hope your dream well loved, the bottle-it will understand this, suppose the sensitivity you can cook it. Dishes, cooked for fun, not to satisfy hunger, provide a strong influence in particular. Plate, that you put into your loved one's mouth with your fingers ... For example, chocolate truffles.

They serve up with chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles with matching black or red tea without sugar, and otherwise inconsistent with green tea and fruit. You can weaken the tea with milk or cream.

Perfect match-is a chocolate and a cup of strong black coffee. Tender and want to become a dii

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