Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The problems in Iran, on the surface, are the result of a disputed election, but when you dig a little deeper the real difficulty, at its core, is a conflict of beliefs. To change regimes then, there must be a change of ideas. Since the street protests are to be truly effective, must begin with a different kind of campaign. Force will try to the situation, the current regime to find justification for their own violent repression. If you are using a system constantly as a threat as a force for change, public Gekantheid, to thwart actions? The only way to fight against the current regime is discover that ideas and beliefs, which are at the root of the problem and the attack at this level.

Friday, December 20, 2013

YA mysteries

Welcome back to 12 Days of Mysteries! It's Day 7, and on deck today we have suggestions for two YA mysteries that might be a little . . . incognito. That is, stories that might not be packaged as mysteries, yet they deal with crime or detective work in a way that's appealing to mystery fans.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

dental onlay

What are dental onlays and inlays? The use of inlays and inlay is a more conservative approach for the treatment of certain dental problems. Sometimes instead of cover can a tooth with a Crown, inlay or onlay and prepared to cover only a portion of the tooth that needs to be repaired. As such, they are excellent for cosmetic dentistry for repair damaged teeth. Insoles and inlay are such known because this is, as they funktionieren-- they are elaborated outside the mouth and then set or placed on the surface of the tooth covered are. Insoles and inlay are made in a dental laboratory before they are bound to the tooth. The dentist make a shape of the tooth, so to speak, create a template of that made the inlay or onlay. This means that it takes to add at least two dental visits, inlay or onlay process.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

used portable buildings

Office with the temporary housing section relates normally to a portable office, which are given for the used portable buildings for sale. The use of cellular adjustment address can accession a safe breathing ambiance and comfortable, and complete for about any location. They may able acclimate from adjustment to adjustment circuitous connected, some huts, and they can activity rooms, bathrooms, accession and cafeteria. 

Workplace adjustment amidst over a amphitheatre attic or added attic with a soft-sided stainless steel. This allows the layers sink, hall, worksheets, and harder floors durable. The showers and toilets are developed to accommodated the requirements of education, the a lot of from the arrangement industry, and health. Good top aloft locker room-to-date, toilets for children, disabled toilets alternating with a altitude room. acclimated carriageable barrio for arrangement as a alternation for caravans and motorhomes aren't animate complete activity able and attractive. You are able to even carriageable cabins are acerbic by the sun.

Monday, June 24, 2013

totally free dating site

There is no doubt that a lot of singles join these totally free dating sites in hope to find their ideal date. However, conventional modes are not enough to find that ideal date. You have to implement some tricks that can help you to meet the right single in very little time. So, enjoy these last few days of being single as you are surely going to find a date here soon. Meet More Singles Online Totally free dating sites help you to find the best singles. 

The chances of hitting a party this weekend to find an ideal date are rare. However, the chances of meeting singles on these sites are quite high. Here, you can meet more singles as this process is much easier. At a party, you would have to dance with almost 40 partners to find one good one. They may or may not be right for you. On the other hand, the online dating scenario can help you to find the ideal date in no time. Meeting Strangers Is More Exciting Singles love blind dates, and the totally free dating sites are the hub of meeting strangers. Here you can meet someone who has similar likes and dislikes. The chemistry and heat between your date and you can be tested through chatting. Create exciting profiles and entice your date through the chats. You could be talking to your hot neighbor for all that you know. There are new users from different countries and regions logging on to these sites.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

portable accommodation #2

We offer a comprehensive amount of all kinds of buildings that have been renovated for portable modular buildings such as extension sell portable accommodation and use you sit back and applied a modular building. All types of cabins used a standard anti vandal cabins or mobile design for portable accommodation or as storage units, we also book. 

 All of them offered for sale or rental in our houses to buy. A full turn-key support available available and we will offer you a national programme on all used modular buildings and portable buildings are used.

portable accommodation

We offer a comprehensive amount of all kinds of buildings that are renovated for portable to sell portable accommodation modular buildings such as expansion and uses you sit back and applied a modular building. All types of cabins used by a standard anti vandal cabins or mobile design for portable accommodation or as storage units, the we also stock to book. All of them offered for sale, rent or lease to buy our homes. A complete turn-key support available available and we offer a nationwide program on all used modular buildings and portable buildings are used.

used portable buildings

A used portable buildings can also be used, Office to maximize and use in many places in the UK to sell a limited amount of space. A portable before local companies offer solutions for many problems that can occur in numerous companies. Portable Office can make this right to a safe and comfortable working environment in most places. The temporary portable Office can occur in many machines and top quality and often supplied for customer satisfaction and the location for immediate use, a portable Office really is a valuable asset to various organizations that have a highly efficient work environment. 

A portable Office, the capacity of limited space and facilities, with ease and comfort. Various portable office units to companies with an array and a number of applications, including not only Office space but canteen, sleeping area, and also offer a safe and comfortable meeting room. Each functional and portable Office Professional may have to adapt to the growing Corporation and helps productivity and expanding into a fast-growing company.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chocolate for everyone

It seems that everyone loves chocolate, an impact that everyone likes, and nobody ever forgets. There is a chocolate lover in us. Everyone has a favorite flavor of chocolate. For some, the flavor is very sweet. Others urge a more dark and bitter. Some people need the white chocolate. No matter what your taste, there are chocolate brown is perfect for you. The smell of chocolate pamper Your taste buds and olfactory nerves can make creamy melt in your mouth sweet chocolate chocolate lover's day.
Chocolate love is a beautiful thing to give to someone, there are chocolate gift for someone. On special days and anniversaries, Valentine's day, you can show that special someone how special they are really heart-shaped chocolates or roses. Could celebrate the birthday with chocolate cake extravagance. You can celebrate a birthday with a chocolate gift more romantic. Chocolate gifts best way of knowing someone how much you care.

Some companies choose to promote himself by giving a gift of chocolate. Today, some of the chocolate bar imprinted with your business card, you can give your members a very sweet treat. Brown even formed and packaged as a zip disk, or other forms that you can create to potential customers. It is also a gift of chocolate is very impressive.

Chocolate gifts are given in all shapes and sizes. Fantasy is the limit, and the endless possibilities of how you can shape the chocolate and someone told them. Valentine hearts and roses for the Easter Bunny and chicken for Christmas trees and gifts, can celebrate every occasion with Brown. Chocolate gifts used to celebrate weddings with Brown printed ring. Could celebrated baby shower pacifiers with Brown. Cake chocolate-coated. Caramel surrounded by it. The chocolate comes in every shape and size.

The great thing about Brown is different. If you are looking for gift basket you can find basket Brown with white, milk or dark chocolate. No matter what your preferences are, you will find online. It's time to leave the insecurities that go along with fake gift you can spend a lot of time to vote, but this is not assured even if the recipient will like them. You need a basket of chocolate. This gift is delicious, but it's fun to work for nearly everyone. If you are not sure where to look for the subtle chocolate gift basket, pop open Google and punch in a few keywords. You will swim through a wide selection of chocolate baskets in no time at all. But, you have to be careful, or you'll end up like them all for yourself.

Because of the variety and choice you can decide what shape You want Your chocolate gifts, but also taste, sometimes even color. Chocolate bar produced all over the world. The imported chocolate may be one way to satisfy the gourmet chocolate. Also, it may taste of chocolate with nuts, fruit, or other flavorings.

Today, some even say that chocolates have some medical benefits. While this is very big news for chocolate lovers, I think we will all continue to eat chocolate with or without health benefits. Eat chocolate and enjoy!.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why would I want to rent a chocolate fountain?

Many organizers decided to rent a chocolate fountain for weddings, corporate events or parties for special occasions to add something special in the process. If dip strawberries or candy or marshmallows in the chocolate fountain will thanked everyone for hiring a chocolate fountain.
Why so many people are interested in hiring a chocolate fountain for your event that will add that something extra to really matter. In addition to working as a Visual focal point, you can rent chocolate fountains are also talking points and ice breaker. Should look great and fit the chocolate fountain with your event. Chocolate fountain hire also will eliminate the need for silence them uncomfortable when talking to teenage relatives, partners and prospective lovers or people you do not know who keeps asking you to feel "weapons".

Often the organisers in the United Kingdom the best suppliers when it comes to the chocolate fondue fountain. They only want the best and the latest and most spectacular fountain instead of cheap chocolate fountain which is available for purchase in stores or provided by the company.

If you are running an event then you will know the price of a few different suppliers in the city or even the many suppliers do not charge extra for traveling outside their home. Be wary of hiring the company operates in only one city because their experience will be limited, and their service is not good compared to other travel suppliers every week throughout The United Kingdom.

Once you have Your mind some company then you need to call them and get a quote for your event-whether it is a wedding, corporate event or party.

One of the biggest questions that chocolate fountain rental companies throughout The United Kingdom get asked "how much does it cost to rent a chocolate fountain? What is the price? "Or" what is a good price to rent a chocolate fountain in the city. "

Typically you can expect to pay about £ 450 employs fountain chocolate. Make sure that you get included in the price quoted everything necessary for your event. None of the company's book and then find out You have to supply is declining. Rents vary chocolate fountains from other suppliers, but that is what is shown. Prices will also vary depending on your event-You have more people, the more you want the chocolate fountain and the specific details of your chocolate fountain flavors, chocolate and more dips, etc. Add to Your cost. As a result, make sure you state exactly what you want when you enquire about Your chocolate fountain

How much should be paid? This all depends on your budget. By going with the cheapest price You'll probably get the lowest level of expertise and services available, it may not be public liability insurance. If you accept all bids that are very similar then I will choose from among the excerpts. Don't be blinded by a quote that really low as you might regret not spending an additional £ 50 cheaper than the next company. Just ignore the bid really high-make sure they do not include the accessories you don't want-many companies offer surround turned on, and if you feel it will be too strong or look ridiculous on your show and then reveals it to the fountain of chocolate and they may be able to cut prices except the surround.

After you have been renting the fountain chocolate and if I do that without asking for additional costs such as naked with a plate of marshmallows just to cover sensitive areas, and can expect neatly dressed or two (depending on the size of your event) dishes and chocolate fountain and all the dips and presentation, and skewers and napkins for your guests, and a tablecloth to cover the floor during the spill. Some operators may require you to provide a table for the convenience of not having to interrupt your guests on the way out of your event. Chocolate fountain You can expect to run about 4 hours unless a certain time, and this would exclude closing and cleaning at the end of your event.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mold delicious-Brown form

Chocolate mold cavity, usually made of plastic, is used to shape the form of chocolate. Able to mold chocolate, usually up to 160 and the temperature should be used with the chocolate melt on low heat. Some molds made of rubber or silicone chocolate mold, while others are made of metal.
Chocolate moulds chocolate production mostly one side flat on one side and other problems. Some manufacturers provide a template for three-dimensional that makes the chocolate completely. This is achieved usually when using two templates and then joined together in the cemihardinid. The latest solution to reach Brown round using magneto chocolate template. This allows the melted chocolate to be placed into the magnetic field with the coherence of mushrooms to harden in the desired shape.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate can be used in chocolate. Using small pieces of chocolate is my favorite way to melt the chocolate. The biggest piece of chocolate requires high heat for melting phase. At high temperature the chocolate can burn or melt molding chocolate. To avoid this, use small circular Brown bastilis called hypothermia, as relatively small and uniform in size. This allows time to dissolve and make it easier to pour in the chocolate template.

Brown templates can be used for different types of chocolate. Will show most of the shops that sell chocolate molds, chocolate is best for each mold. Some molds can withstand high temperatures and can be used to Brown more difficult, requires more heat to melt. You can add color and flavor Brown melting stage increase the finished product. Brown will help to achieve the look of other pastel chocolate if desired to thin out the color. For dark colors, deeper, dark chocolate can be used to access a form.

A method is proposed to measure the required amount of chocolate to fill chocolate template is measuring the cavity or put in a mold chocolate with water. Pour the water into the form, and then in the measuring cup will show the amount of water and chocolate face roughly the same size.

When cleaning mold chocolate, should not use SOAP as it may change the flavor of the next batch of chocolate, SOAP can break the plastic mold. Have to use hot water to remove any excess chocolate from the moulds. If Brown is out as clean mold chocolate, leaving the rest of the mold with the cocoa butter will help eliminate the group following chocolate in the template. All in all, the chocolate molds are very versatile tools, and chocolate may provide many of the desired shape for different topics or events.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Homemade chocolate

Very easy to make homemade chocolates are delicious and memorable for friends and family at Easter or at any time. You can purchase the template Easter chocolate in part or discount stores and a variety of chocolate in the local supermarket. With a little time and patience you will soon turn into a fabulous homemade chocolate.
Types of chocolate

Chocolate contain cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. More powerful and richer than milk or white chocolate, which is usually the preferred choice for cooking.

Chocolate milk contains the same ingredients as dark chocolate but have added milk solids. Sweet, Kramer, soft in texture and less dense than dark chocolate.

White chocolate contains no cocoa solids, cocoa butter is mixed with sugar and milk and flavorings such as vanilla. Rich and soft and sweeter than chocolate milk.

Eat chocolate-dark, milk and white-can be used for cooking. Dark varieties include myrrh, simisoit, and sweet. Bittersweet chocolate can reach 80% of cocoa liquor and butter with a small amount of sugar. Sweet chocolate with a higher proportion of sugar and vanilla cocoa butter.

You can find good quality cooking chocolate in baking aisle of supermarkets. And in a sense similar to that of Brown, but has been replaced by a small amount of cocoa butter with vegetable fat to make it easier to withdraw, was able to organize without euphemism. Cheaper than normal eating chocolate.

Composite of chocolate sold in blocks or keys, and can be found in the supermarket baking. Replacing cocoa butter with oil, so it is easy to melt and set at room temperature without anger or vegetable fat. It does not have the taste and texture of chocolate, but perfect for cooking for the kids.

Melted chocolate

Melted chocolate can be in several different ways including on the stove, in the microwave or oven.

The Oven, place the chocolate in the Bowl are clean and dry, heat-resistant over a pan of boiling water. Make sure that no water or steam in a saucepan Brown, or he can take the chocolate. Stir constantly over medium low heat until the chocolate has melted.

Microwave-place chocolate in Bowl are clean and dry, microwave safe. Cook for 1 minute on medium high and then stir. Cook for 30 seconds and then stir again, the chocolate has melted.

The fireplace-Heat oven to 160 C place the chocolate in the Bowl clean, dry, and resistant to heat. Turn off the oven and place the Pan in the oven for 10 minutes. Remove and stir, then put it back in the oven if required for a few minutes, remove and stir again.

Tips for melting chocolate

* Get into the size pieces Brown even before melting.

* Use a metal spoon to Stir the chocolate; wooden spoons and plastic retaining moisture which can cause the chocolate to seize.

* Always use metal or glass or ceramic bowl to melt the chocolate.

Make homemade chocolate

1. melt the chocolate for you, (see above), and then stir well to remove all the blocks.

2. pour the melted chocolate in the template so that they are filled to the top.

3. click on the template with your fingertips to remove air bubbles from the chocolate.

4. let the chocolate set until firm.

5. After setting Your chocolate really stiff, carefully pop them out of the molds.

6. use a butter knife to trim any excess Brown around the edges.

Tips for using chocolate molds "

* Never wash Your chocolate mold with SOAP and water. SOAP and water will remove the shiny prints, making it difficult to get out of the chocolate. Just wash in hot water.

* Always dry your template carefully after washing. It can also cause water spots will release the template easily stain Brown.

* If you mold, sticking to a very light coat them with a thin layer of vegetable oil.

* If you make a mistake, or if additional chocolate drops in the wrong place-do not touch it while it is still wet. Place the chocolate in the refrigerator or freezer to harden, then you can easily just pick a part does not want any.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ambrosia chocolate sweet

Taste of chocolate, sweet chocolate, sublime. Whatever the other seductive appetite our senses of taste and smell, I can't think of one that has the ability to attract, as well as chocolate.
There are many different tastes of chocolate. People have personal preferences and will stand firm in their beliefs. Here are a few Brown shapes:

Chocolate syrup by grinding roasted cocoa nibs (NIB) to a smooth liquid known as chocolate syrup. After cooling, the chocolate syrup is formed into blocks known as unsweetened baking "chocolates". There are about 53% cocoa butter liquor and blocks. Chocolate cake vanilla no sugar but is sometimes used as a condiment. Brown bread also goes by the name "bitter chocolate".
Sweet dark chocolate or general name for chocolate by 15% to 35% chocolate liquor. Maximum solids in milk, 12%. Cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla added beans come from the factory for grinding. Bittersweet Chocolate and simisoit belong to this category. There must be a minimum of at least 35 percent chocolate syrup. The fat content is about 27%. Flavors range from the earthy flavor of almost no milk or dairy products. More flavor is determined by a combination of beans from dairy ingredients.
Bittersweet or SEMISWEET chocolate very dark brown for food. Have the highest percentage of cocoa liquor, at least 35%, with cocoa butter to melt more easily. As described above, more flavor depending on the mix of cocoa beans. This is a personal favorite of all the categories of chocolate.
Chocolate milk chocolate flavor that is most often used for consumption, consisting of chocolate syrup to cocoa butter, milk, sweeteners, and flavorings have been added. Have a minimum of at least 10% chocolate liquor, 12% milk solids with strong milk or flavored caramel. Generally used for ornaments and candy coating.
Cocoa powder chocolate syrup is the rest. Most of the cocoa butter is removed, making the shape of a fat Brown. Including dochid chocolate cocoa. Colors run the whole gamut of red light Tan to black.
Netherlands chocolate, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder, alkalizing agents supported for adjusting color and flavor in fluid disbersabiliti. If given the extreme care will turn to black cocoa powder.
Chocolate flavored coating made up of vegetable fats other than cocoa butter mixed with cocoa powder. Layers of chocolate used, like a lot of chocolate products, sugar, milk and flavorings. You can use the fat other than cocoa butter for less than the cost of production. On the other hand, it is easier to use than real chocolate. Waxy feeling left in your mouth. My least favorite is chocolate because synthetic fabrics.
White chocolate is often used as a coating. This is not true because chocolate contains cocoa butter, but not without solid chocolate. Closer to chocolate milk in the basic structure, consisting of sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids and flavorings. Sweet, Milky, with colors ranging from pure white to yellow-white. I personally feel the sweet white chocolate.

Whatever form it takes, or taste the chocolate stick Ambrosia of the gods.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Delicious chocolate history

The story began about 2,000 years ago in the tropical rainforest in the Americas. Although Cocoa trees have been around for some time, the indigenous population may never use the seeds inside the fruit for food. After discovering that the seed can be processed and used as a beverage, is quickly catching up with primitive people. The first people known to make chocolate from cocoa beans in ancient cultures of Central America and Mexico. For grinding grains and mix it with various spices and herbs and then whip by hand to all the brothers and spicy drink.
And think "Olmec India" that the first culture to cultivate beans as local plants, between 1500 and 1300 BC Of 250-900 m, nut consumption is limited to the elite class of the Mayan culture. Over the years, the non-local beverages consumed. It seems that the Maya people worth beans so highly that planted it in their gardens so personal that they have easy access to it.

Around 600 ad, The Maya have been migrating to northern areas of South America, and start recording soon farms of cocoa trees in the Yucatan Peninsula. They use their drinks in the courtship and marriage.

After the Aztec culture can get away with some nuts, and learn how to make the drinks, they are used for medical purposes, and celebrations such as weddings and religious ceremonies. They believe that nut gifts from the gods. It is also the first known culture to tax nuts. It's their name for their "axokalatl", translates to warm drinks or bitter. Bean also began at that time to be used as currency in the culture of Central America. It is used to make chocolate that he has used to use as currency.

He was the first European to learn from Brown Christopher Columbus. He met the great Mayan canoe piled high with beans value trading value. When Spain conquered the Yucat√°n in 1517, Mexico in 1519, they quickly catch the monetary value of precious beans. Don't like, yet warm and bitter drink, unsweetened, received from the local population. Take some time, but I learned to adapt to the tastes of drinks and seemed to enjoy it.

The most popular story introduction of chocolate to Europe is that the Dominicans took the Maya nobility delegates to Prince Philip of Spain. As one of the many gifts that the Prince, they gave him a few jars of cocoa processed before that are ready to drink. Spain does not, however, share a lot of love this drink with the rest of Europe for nearly a century!

Sometime during the 16th century, Spanish people add spices such as vanilla, brown sugar cane drinks. Thus, chocolate sweet was created. History shows that the popular drink registered has increased to the point that regular deliveries from Veracruz, Mexico began to Seville, Spain in 1582.

The record is not clear on how chocolate was introduced to the rest of Europe. It is believed that the possibility of distributed by convents and monasteries associated with Latin America. The main consumer members "Jesuit" drinks and merchants became cocoa. France's popular Cardinal drinks in France, where Louis XIV married Maria Theresa of Spain in 1615, chocolate lovers, a habit that began to spread like wildfire among the French nobility.

Cocoa beans were introduced to the United Kingdom via the hackers targeted the ship Spain United Kingdom in the second half of the 1500s. they see no use for looking weird and burn some delivery even before someone finds a good nut to make. It took about 100 years for chocolate to start making a mark in the history of the United Kingdom. I once, and not reserved only for the aristocracy. Anyone in the United Kingdom who can afford it he was able to indulge. While it is more expensive than less-expensive coffee, tea. And the "Brown House" began to grow, with first Frenchman opened in 1657. At the time, Brown was 10-15 Shillings per pound. So it was a bit expensive.

Over the centuries of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the demand for chocolate with cocoa farms where Spain enslaved plants and growing, harvesting and processing of cocoa beans. At the end of the seventeenth century, Survived only ten percent of the native Indians. It was then that the slaves transported from Africa to Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay and Brazil. And use of laborers attached to people and pay more than two centuries, the demand for cocoa every temptation.

Cocoa prices fell around 1730, for about $ 3 per pound. This has made it more affordable for others along with very wealthy. In 1732, the inventor of French chocolate grinding mill table. This streamlined process, made possible by larger amounts at a low cost. Increased production naturally.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chocolate magic-tease him gently

Men are like chocolate, not less, than women, they just embarrassed to admit it. Invite your loved one to "eat chocolate that you can cook your own-and you will see you will get checks continuity. Lips and your hands will smell sweet like chocolate, not just physical passion, but also tenderness, caress, confidence-all of the things we associate with love.
Chocolate truffles

10 steps to a culinary orgasm

You will need 40 Brown ...

Brown: 200 ml 35% cream; chocolate 300 g chocolate (70% or better).

Layers: 250 g of white chocolate and cocoa powder 50 g of high quality without the sugar.


1. fill in the banikine with cream and heat slowly to boiling point, but do not let boil. Remove from the stove and leave it for 5 minutes.

2. While the cream is cooled, break the chocolate into pieces and chocolate in a bowl. If you want, you can add the juice 3 tablespoons juice, table or cognac Brown. Pour the hot chocolate with cream.

3. mix the contents with a fork to get homogenous mass. It is very important not only whip the chocolate, then you will not be able to cook the truffles. Let cool a bit, but still the Medley to be liquid.

4. take a wooden spoon and blocks until it becomes warm pound lighter.

5. cover the plate with wooden baking pan. Olive oil with paper or a brown butter to prevent sticking. Then put a block of chocolate on paper in a small group of about 1 cm in diameter using the TSP-moistened with water.

6. put the chocolate in the refrigerator to harden.

7. stir in the white chocolate broken into pieces in a heatproof Bowl. Place this Bowl in a banikine with water, it will not touch on down the road. Place on stove for small-no need to boil water! Wait, stirring slowly, until the chocolate is melted.

8. pour the cocoa powder in a Cup.

9. take the chocolate from refrigerator. Place all chocolate is hardened at a crossroads, and drowning in hot white chocolate. If it is cold enough, a layer of cold directly to Brown, and keep the softness overseas.

10. chocolate roll in cocoa powder, and placed on the plate again. Put in the fridge. Keep actually harden in freezer box truffles.
Attention! Don't serve up truffles or chocolate out of the fridge-it will be interesting. The sweets have to warm up to room temperature at least 30 minutes.

Freedom for your creative work

You can add 4 tablespoons of shelled hazelnuts desk, almonds, Prunes and Dried apricots warm chocolate blocks rather than alcohol.

Do you want something sour? Danger face 2 ran to crush (not ground) black pepper, a pinch of red pepper tart chocolate blocks.
Table 3-4 tablespoons of fruit-drops stuck to small molecules will add unusual taste for chocolate.

You'll receive sensitivity strange at all, if you add the hazelnut caramel into truffles and half chilled a Medley.

If you melt the chocolate with the same quantity of paint instead of white, add 5 tablespoons of crushed hazelnut or walnut table and sink the candy in it, you will receive a Brown Hedgehog.

In the past, in an effort to beat white chocolate covered truffles in hazelnut caramel instead of cocoa powder.

Our tips

You need to buy high-quality chocolate melts, containing not less than 55 per cent cocoa. You will receive a taste of milk chocolate, if you add more cream mixture, 1 tablespoon butter table will add smoothness to fill.

Should not be melted chocolate flames, as they will be burned.

Should be removed from the pottery, which I want to go dry, melt the chocolate. The water should not come during cooking chocolate, otherwise you will kordli chocolate and be clumpy and heterogeneous.

If you want to increase Your sensitivity to the magic of love, candy with a RADIUS-enabled them to absorb more energy in your personal as they can.
Women eat chocolate I feel joy, and men – to extend it.

Why do you need to cook the chocolate itself

Because when we cook for other people, we get through our feelings too. If you think positively, I hope your dream well loved, the bottle-it will understand this, suppose the sensitivity you can cook it. Dishes, cooked for fun, not to satisfy hunger, provide a strong influence in particular. Plate, that you put into your loved one's mouth with your fingers ... For example, chocolate truffles.

They serve up with chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles with matching black or red tea without sugar, and otherwise inconsistent with green tea and fruit. You can weaken the tea with milk or cream.

Perfect match-is a chocolate and a cup of strong black coffee. Tender and want to become a dii

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

7 tips to give Your chocolate for Valentine

Every year millions of foreigners Brown on 14 February for Valentine's day. This tendency has grown very popular lately, especially with high-quality chocolate (our number of chocoholics). However, even in modern times, there are some things you need to consider before You run out and grab a gift of chocolate.
Fresh chocolate is better to get

Make some chocolate in the chocolate maker's largest candy for busy seasons (December to February) as soon as the summer. This means that some chocolate coated you can buy a few months. Also, some chocolate made from preservative-added that allowed Brown to stay good longer, but can affect the taste.
To get around this we recommend that you buy from the local chocolate or candy store, bread, which can produce fresh chocolate treat you (or at least one which is only a day or two). If you send Your chocolate to someone far away, check to see if there is a good local place that can deliver your fresh chocolate and reduce the chance of accidents.

Nothing beats homemade gifts

For a personal touch you can make your own chocolate-box give your Valentine. Don't worry if you're not a whiz in the kitchen-even if your gift does not change at all, it will get extra points because you can make it especially for them. There are many books, magazines, and Web sites to turn to for help and guidance so that you don't have to go it alone. This is an opportunity for you to customize the chocolate to make them extra special by adding Your Valentine's day your favorite fruits, nuts, alcohol, flavor, etc. See the "chocolate truffle" below for a good way to make your own homemade gifts.

The shape of love

While the General characteristics of the liver is often used for chocolate box gift form, you can use any way to pull your Valentine, like flowers. You can be creative with cookies cutters or stencils decorating icing or chocolate flavors, such as ECG, smiley, or bow to Brown. Also consider the various ways you can dress up gift box with Ribbon, flowers, love poems that are hand written, etc.

Chocolate milk is not only chocolate

While most Americans favor milk chocolate, don't be afraid to use chocolate in your gift, for example, you can make a mixture of 1/2 milk chocolate and 1/2 dark chocolate. If you are not sure whether he loves chocolate from your Valentine may want to go to the taste of the chocolate simisoit light and sweet. If you want to go for the chocolate then go with bittersweet dark chocolate.
Generally, the higher the percentage of cocoa, bitter chocolate will taste better. If you are using unsweetened chocolate or baking, you will want to mix it with something else, such as cream and sugar to help reduce the level of intensity.

Timing is everything

Very important to provide the proper amount of time for your Tan. If you buy the chocolate you need to get your orders early to avoid the rush. Some places have a cut-off date would take command love, especially if it involves shipping or local delivery. If you want to make chocolate You might want to try a practice run to work out kinks that may come and help you get familiar with the recipes of any kind.
Chances are good that you'll do better next time you go through the recipe, you can make any changes you think will taste good for your Valentine. Make sure that you can get the ingredients you need from the store where you can holiday rush often run out of local supply of chocolate, sugar, and other ingredients. If you buy chocolate, store them in a cool, dry, dark, not in the refrigerator.

Lots of chocolate, little time

There are a variety of gifts that you can give chocolate: chocolate truffles, Bonbons (shell of chocolate with a cream Centre), cakes, Donuts, candy, cookies (chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate dipped, etc.), fruit/nuts/pretzels/whatever dyed Brown, and many more that you can buy or make, so let your imagination run wild.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chocolate lovers: all about chocolate

If you're like many people, chocolate is not a luxury, but a necessity. Often considered the fifth food group, Brown has inspired one of the most knowledgeable and passionate love affairs of the people's food. While some amazing sense, charm with Brown since found more than 2000 years ago we benefit too. Brown is considered an aphrodisiac, cure the Blues, and a natural part of cardiovascular health (more recently), and even a form of currency. With a rich history and in particular health and social matters, we thought it only right to Recipe4Living's Guide to chocolate. Satisfy Your curiosity about Brown in the past, and how it is made, and how you can define, store, and prepare the chocolate in your home.
History of chocolate

The beginning of Maya
We've started a chocolate obsession many, many centuries ago by the Maya civilization in Mexico and Central America (250-900 ad). But Mayan chocolate, almost no resemblance to what we enjoy today. Most of the Mayan cocoa trees grow, the source of chocolate, in the backyard, and harvest the seeds, which are then fermented, roasted and ground. Along with water, spices, hot chili paste the Earth into pale unsweetened drinks as regularly as part of the virtual life.

Aztec Sacred drink
Adapt this bitter drink Aztec and even considered food for the gods. The word chocolate is derived from the Aztec word "axokwatl," meaning a bitter drink. While most Maya can enjoy drinks, reserved chocolate Kings, priests and other members of the high social classes in the Aztec culture. Chocolate is an essential part of Aztec society that cocoa beans have become a form of currency.

Travel to Europe
When Spain invaded, led by Hernando Cortez, Mexico in 1521, quickly took on importance of Brown for the Aztecs and started shipping from home. Spain added the cinnamon and sugar and other spices for importing is too expensive, and chocolate drinks secretly maintained only by nobility Spain almost 300 years. When the King of Spain began marrying other Europeans, Word spread quickly, and soon it's popular all over Europe, but only for the rich. Not until the 18th and 19th centuries, when sea trade expanded and mass-produced chocolate, most middle-class can afford chocolate. The end of the 18th century, chocolate House is as popular as coffee houses throughout the United Kingdom.

Make chocolate

Unlike many crops, cocoa tree centuries sensitive must be picked by hand, which makes the process of creating a chocolate affair. The fruit is opened one after the other, and extract the pulp coated seeds. To reduce the bitterness, the cocoa beans are fermented for a few days (like wine), and then dried. At this point, the farmers sell sacks of cocoa beans for corporate buyers, where industrial machinery. At the factory, roast the seeds from a large machine to release the flavor and smell. Cracked roast the seeds of open to access the tip of the pen or the liver, which then milled in the chocolate syrup (Liquor). This thick liquid, made from cocoa butter and cocoa solids, which are manipulated to make different kinds of chocolate.