Tuesday, November 12, 2013

dental onlay

What are dental onlays and inlays? The use of inlays and inlay is a more conservative approach for the treatment of certain dental problems. Sometimes instead of cover can a tooth with a Crown, inlay or onlay and prepared to cover only a portion of the tooth that needs to be repaired. As such, they are excellent for cosmetic dentistry for repair damaged teeth. Insoles and inlay are such known because this is, as they funktionieren-- they are elaborated outside the mouth and then set or placed on the surface of the tooth covered are. Insoles and inlay are made in a dental laboratory before they are bound to the tooth. The dentist make a shape of the tooth, so to speak, create a template of that made the inlay or onlay. This means that it takes to add at least two dental visits, inlay or onlay process.

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  1. The dentist make a figure of the tooth, so to speak, create a stencil of that made the insert or onlay.